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A Kind of Pain

Psychopathy can be defined as a personality disorder characterized by persistent anti-social behavior, cold and emotionless demeanor, impaired empathy and egotistical actions. Much like most other debates in modern psychology, the question of whether the onset of psychopathy is more due to the presence and nature of genes, or due to the environment these genes are nurtured in, remains a constant. Mainstream media has both glorified and maimed the true nature of psychopathy and how it manifests in an individual. Yet, one particular book titled “My Sister Rosa” by Australian author, Justine Larbalestier, explores the impact of psychopathy on the dynamics of a family when one member of the household knows not how to love, but only how to love…violently. Continue reading “A Kind of Pain”


Shadow Effects

Part I

Fluffyiron was gobsmacked. Curdled? What do you mean I curdled the atmosphere? Ive done absolutely nothing wrong.Outraged, she tugged harshly at her hair. She could see the dusty blue clumps of her strands threaded across her fingers. Her fingers pricked as if spider poison was roasting her skin cells, and she felt her hand withering away. Hey! Quit daydreaming!Stroberry whacked her head, crushing millions of cells in the process. Fluffyirons heart pulsated, pushing against her rib cage until she thought her bones would collapse to smithereens. She cradled her head checking for possible signs of brain hemorrhage. What does internal bleeding feel like?She asked, too low to fight back. Can you stop this?! Please? Im telling you- you need to go to a doctor. This obsession of yours is dangerous. Positively maniacal.Stroberry scratched his arm. Fluffyiron saw his skin cells spray into the air. The reddening of his skin signified that dark shadows loomed near. Fluffyiron had always hated the color red. She was glad Stroberrys hair was as yellow as a bumblebees pile.   Continue reading “Shadow Effects”

Cats or Dogs, what would you prefer?

Being asked whether you are a cat or a dog person can be quite stressful. The answer to this seemingly casual question can have large-scale implications due to the underlying meanings behind the possibly nonchalant reply. A certain set of characteristics are associated with cat lovers and dog lovers, and its usage is so widespread that research has actually been conducted on the personality traits of cat and dog owners. Yes, our stereotypes finally have a scientific basis!

Continue reading “Cats or Dogs, what would you prefer?”

Demystifying the Online Buzz

Buzzfeed quizzes are basically a metaphor for a black hole. In fact, any sort of online personality quiz actually screams out  ‘Danger lies ahead’. If you’ve ever happened to go onto the Buzzfeed quiz section and take one of their quizzes, you are familiar with the risk that comes with clicking that Let’s Start button. That is an invitation to go down a long spiral of obsessive quiz taking hours and an expired internet connection.  As a matter of fact, over 20 million users have taken one of  Buzzfeed’s most popular quizzes. In 2013, Buzzfeed saw traffic of about 300 million users on their quiz section. Continue reading “Demystifying the Online Buzz”

The fidget spinner

The fidget spinner saw an impetus around December 2016, when a state of global curiosity was centered at this small, ball-bearing device that users could rotate between their fingers. Apart from being the new object exemplifying  ‘coolness’ amongst teenagers, this object led to intense research on the claims surrounding it. The makers asserted that fidget spinners were objects to be used with children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a disorder that is marked by persistent inattention, hyperactivity, and occasional impulsivity. Continue reading “The fidget spinner”

The boy on the swing.

The teacher knew that I wasn’t listening. She let out a long sigh and called my name, yet again. I made temporary eye contact to satisfy her need for my attention, but resorted to the boy swinging outside my classroom. He was a child, a student of the first grade but he had lines over his forehead like he was thinking hard about something. The thoughts were clearly causing him distress. He took out his notebook and began to write something, his hands moving fast and unorganized. Suddenly, he was surrounded by four tall seniors. Continue reading “The boy on the swing.”

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Manic Pixie Dream girl was a term coined by film critic Nathan Rabin.  It was originally meant to define a category of female characters whose sole purpose within the story was to turn the male protagonist into a better person. This character has endearing personality quirks and habits, and comes across as immature while also being wise for her age. She would often not know how to cope with the emotional turmoil in her life. The term has been used as an umbrella term for almost all quirky girls within the TV and film worlds, regardless of whether they have their own subplots or not. Due to this change in definition, Rabin has apologized for “creating this unstoppable monster.” Continue reading “The Manic Pixie Dream Girl”

The Science of Love


Phenylethylamine (PEA) is a chemical found in the nervous system that functions as a neuromodulator and causes the release of two other neurotransmitters – Dopamine and Norepinephrine – within the brain. Dopamine is the brain’s “feel-good” chemical and Norepinephrine is thought to lead to heightened attention, heart rate, and is connected with the fight or flight response. When PEA is released in your body, you feel giddy and excited. The sky seems bluer and the world more beautiful. Yes! I am talking about falling in Love.
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Her eyes-
The color of faded autumn leaves and drops of milk in a sea of coffee.
Her hair-
The flaming halo of a mysterious girl with just enough secrets to intrigue me.

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